Manufacturing 4.0

Manufacturing 4.0 is a Strategic Plan for Iowa’s Manufacturing Industry calling for advancing the knowledge base, expertise, and collaboration among businesses in the state. This partnership will respond to workforce, training/education and integration needs to help manufacturers address technology investments, workforce pipeline, and workforce talent challenges. The consortium will support Iowa manufacturers’ efforts to seize opportunities and remain competitive by providing consultation, education, implementation, and access to resources. Iowa’s community colleges (including Kirkwood) and CIRAS are collaborating to provide the training.

Iowa’s GDP

Manufacturing represents over more than 17% of Iowa’s GDP and exports $14.3 billion worth of goods.

Iowa manufacturing stats

Advanced Manufacturing: Iowa’s Largest Industry

Advanced manufacturing is Iowa’s largest industry, accounting for more than 17% of the state’s total GDP. More than 4,100 manufacturers produce everything from food products and medical devices to aerospace products and construction machinery.

Iowa is perfectly positioned to export these products around the globe, with a strong transportation network with access to air, water, rail and highway. In addition, Iowa’s skilled talent pool and state-of-the-art training and research programs at our colleges and universities offer a wealth of workforce resources.

Iowa’s combination of business-friendly government policies and tax structure, connection to centers of research excellence and strong transportation network have established Iowa as a leader in advanced manufacturing.

Seizing the Manufacturing 4.0 Opportunity: A Strategic Plan for Iowa’s Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing, a critical industry sector for Iowa, faces a technology revolution that emphasizes automation and smart technology. While the Manufacturing 4.0 plan is primarily focused on advancing technology adoption and utilization among Iowa’s manufacturers, it further addresses enhancements in the broader manufacturing ecosystem.

The Advanced Manufacturing Work Group, a subgroup of the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s (IEDA) Iowa Innovation Council, led the Manufacturing 4.0 initiative with support from TEConomy Partners, manufacturing leaders and IEDA.

Manufacturing 4.0 Executive Summary

Manufacturing 4.0 Final Report

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