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ESP International has been serving the OEM market for over 50 years. ESP is a global and domestic supply chain specialist for seals and rubber products.

As a 100% employee-owned company, our employees are given the ability to engage in what they do at a high level. This is something that most employees do not get the opportunity to experience.  Information about the company is freely shared and the employee shares in the success.  Ultimately, the ownership mentality leads to better service for our customers.  ESP employee-owners are passionate about providing high service levels throughout our suite of solutions.

ESP has successfully developed in-house engineering that helps design seal applications and also provides value-added assembly and inventory management programs. After working with customers on design, ESP then uses its qualified domestic and global partner factories to find the best cost manufacturer of the component. Components include sub-assembly, oil seals, seal kits, o-rings, molded rubber and specialty gaskets. ESP can then provide any necessary sub-assembly or add the components to a highly automated inventory management program.

ESP has facilities, employees and qualified sources around the globe and we can pick the best cost model for our customers of all sizes. With ESP’s resources, customers of all sizes and capabilities can plug into ESP and gain an engineering and global platform or enhance their current model.

ESP continues to increase the value-added to our customers with successfully implemented engineering services, assembly services, assembly fixtures, kitting, global supplier, qualification, vendor optimization and the technology to efficiently provide the services.

Quality control is a vital part of ESP; a very stringent process is in place to qualify our manufacturing partners and processes. We work with manufacturing engineers in the design process and have the capability to test prototype designs and the ability to figure out the best cost solution. The best way to ensure quality is to have ESP associates on the ground in its overseas locations in China, and India. The ESP China facility has 16 supplier quality engineers and managers who were trained in its U.S. facility. The materials lab has the equipment to do full measurement, chemical and destructive analysis.

ESP International


5920 Dry Creek Lane NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

1140 Hubbard Ave NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Company Information

Founded: 1969
Number of employees: 100
Employment Opportunities:
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