Manufacturing Jobs Make a Difference in the World

Educators and Parents, you play a big role in shaping your students’ education pathways into the workforce. The following information provides tools to guide your students through exploring the many careers available in manufacturing.

Manufacturing careers include creativity, caring, and collaboration, three Cs that are connected to motivation and engagement for many students. Through a career in manufacturing students, will:

  • Turn ideas into reality
  • Make life easier for others
  • Problem solve with a team
  • Work with advanced technologies

Manufacturing is an exciting, creative and high-tech field.

  • Advanced manufacturing technologies will help the United States lead the world in innovation, job growth, and a healthy economy.
  • Every day manufacturers are using new processes and materials to make products safer, less expensive, and easier to use, which is better for all consumers.
  • We can also now manufacture products on-demand to reduce waste, which is better for the environment.
  • Members on a manufacturing team are creative and collaborate to make safe products that simplify tasks or just make life easier.

Manufacturing today is much more about brains than brawn. And along with being high-tech, most manufacturing jobs are high-paying.”
– Allison Grealis, Director of Women in Manufacturing


Parent/Educator Guide with lesson plans and career exploration opportunities produced by NAPE, National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity Education Foundation: Download Guide >

Manufacturing Guidebook for students: Download Guide >

FREE Classroom resources to download – posters, flyers, guidebooks: Download Resources >

Make the Future with a Career in Advanced Manufacturing

What will you do after high school? These 14 unique young women chose high-demand advanced manufacturing careers. They earn and learn right out of high school. They use creativity, work with teams, and make a difference in the world. Their voices matter. “When someone tells you, ‘no you can’t do it,’ you have to turn around and say, ‘watch me’.” ~Audrey.

Were you a messy kid? Take things apart? Enjoy working with your hands and getting them dirty? These young women did too and chose advanced manufacturing careers. They’re highly skilled, in high-demand, and learning and earning family sustaining wages right out of high school. They contribute, create, lead, and learn, and have fun doing it. “What pumps me up for work is that I absolutely adore everything I do.” ~Lexis

Girls in Manufacturing

See how women use creativity, teamwork and make a difference in advanced manufacturing. WOMANufacturing >

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Advanced Manufacturing Curriculum

The mission of the Advanced Manufacturing Sector Board is to provide students and parents the opportunity to learn about the amazing careers available in Advanced Manufacturing. The curriculum resources were developed to give users step-by-step instruction on how to fully use the portal to explore their strengths,  careers that match those strengths and local businesses that  have jobs in those careers.  This portal will allow you to take a O*Net career “self-assessment”, explore manufacturing opportunities (wages, qualifications, etc.), and find out about training and employment opportunities.

  1. Discover your strengths
  2. Pick your career #1
  3. Pick your career #2
  4. Pick your career #3
  5. Preparing for your career – high school
  6. Preparing for your career – post high school
  7. Student Report Template

Additional Resources

There are many resources available in the region to learn about opportunities in advanced manufacturing. You can contact one of our partner companies directly to see about career opportunities, attend some upcoming events, and explore the many careers on this website to learn more.

There are also apprenticeship opportunities available in Iowa – learn more here.

For more information on skills-based training or education opportunities email

Jump start your career and earn college credit “through an Academy” while in high school. To learn more go to

Explore earn and learn light manufacturing training opportunities.

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